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Egyptian Bazaar (Spice Market)

When planning your trip to Istanbul, you should keep in mind that there are many things to do as well as visiting the historical monuments and places in Sultanahmet.

Visiting Egyptian Bazaar or in Turkish Mısır Çarşısı is one of the highlights of Istanbul and old town. It is located in Eminonu area, next to Yeni Camii facing entrance of Golden Horn.


Egyptian Bazaar was built in 1664 as a part of Yeni Camii complex. The Turkish word Mısır means Egypt in English and it is called Egyptian Bazaar because spices and herbs sold there used to be brought from or through Egypt. The bazaar has an “L” shape and six gates. The main entrance is on the Yeni Cami side.


During the Ottoman Period it was o bazaar where shops sold only spices and herbs and all locals did their shopping. However today it turned into one of the tourist attraction places in Istanbul and apart from  herbs & spices, the shop keepers sell souvenirs like magnets, mugs etc, dried fruit, jewelry, turkish delight,basketry and similar things..

It is very similar to Grand Bazaar byut much smaller than it. It is open during working hours on weekdays, closes early on Saturdays, is closed on Sundays , religious holidays and national days.


To get to the Egyptian Bazaar you can either walk for about 10 mins or take the tram for 3 stops.

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