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Getting from New Istanbul Airport to Sultanahmet

Getting from New Istanbul Airport to Sultanahmet: Your Guide to Transportation Options and Costs

Istanbul is a fascinating city with plenty to explore and discover, and one of the most popular destinations is the historic district of Sultanahmet. However, if you’re flying into the city via the new Istanbul Airport, you might be wondering how to get to Sultanahmet and what the most cost-effective transportation options are. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the various transportation options available and their costs to help you plan your journey.



  1. Airport Taxi One of the most convenient options for getting from New Istanbul Airport to Sultanahmet is by taking a taxi. There are designated taxi ranks at the airport, and the journey to Sultanahmet takes around 45 minutes, depending on traffic. The cost of a taxi ride is generally around 250-400 Turkish Lira (TL), but this can vary depending on the time of day and traffic conditions.
  2. Private Transfer Another convenient option is to arrange a private transfer from the airport to your hotel in Sultanahmet. This option is particularly useful if you have a lot of luggage or are traveling with a group. Private transfer prices can vary, but generally range from 300-600 TL depending on the vehicle and the number of passengers.
  3. Public Transport If you’re looking for a more cost-effective option, public transport is a good choice. The Havaist bus service operates from the airport to various destinations in the city, including Sultanahmet. The bus journey takes around 90 minutes and costs approximately 20-30 TL per person.

Alternatively, you can take the metro from the airport to Yenikapi station and then switch to the tramway to Sultanahmet. The metro journey takes around 35-40 minutes and costs around 5 TL, while the tramway journey takes approximately 10-15 minutes and costs 5 TL per person.

  1. Shared Shuttle Another option to consider is a shared shuttle service, which is a cost-effective way to get to Sultanahmet. These services operate on a pre-booked basis and transport passengers in a shared vehicle to their destinations. Prices can vary, but generally range from 50-100 TL per person depending on the service provider.

In conclusion, there are several transportation options available for getting from New Istanbul Airport to Sultanahmet, and the most cost-effective option will depend on your preferences and budget. Taxis and private transfers are the most convenient options, while public transport and shared shuttle services offer more budget-friendly alternatives. Whichever option you choose, you’re sure to enjoy the sights and sounds of Istanbul as you make your way to the historic district of Sultanahmet.


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