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Topkapi Palace (Topkapi Sarayı)

If there is one absolute must-see in Istanbul, it has to be the Topkapi Palace. When you step inside, the atmosphere makes you speechless. This place invites you to delight yourself in unforgettable historical adventure.

The palace complex is located on the Seraglio Point (Sarayburnu), you can enter through the Imperial Gate which is located behind the famous Hagia Sophia. Place was home to generations of sultans for 400 years and still carries the traces of sultans extravagant life styles. Whole palace and its magnificent courtyards are amazing and you should spare some time to visit properly because it is a huge palace which consists of 4 courtyards, hundreds of rooms, jaw dropping treasures and small buildings.

Topkapı Palace was constructed between 1460 and 1478 after the Ottoman conquest of Constantinapole under the direction of the Fatih Sultan Mehmet. It was built upon a 700.000 sqm area and located at the historical peninsula. It divided from both the city and  sea by the Byzantine Walls.

Sultans wives were closeted in the famous harem which means typically housed the sultan’s mother, daughters, female slaves and other female relatives. Additionally the sons of the sultan lived in the Harem, until they were 12 years old. And more importantly, it played very important political roles in Ottoman era, because wives and sultan’s mothers were affecting the palace policy.

As well as the Topkapi Palace, the courtyards and outdoor areas are also so spacious. It is a long time to visit however you can always find a place to sit down and relax in the sun and watch the views to die for over the Sea of Marmara, Golden Horn and Bosphorus from many points of the palace.

Topkapi Palace is one of the world famous and biggest museum museums with its architectural structures, collections and more than 300.000 archive papers.

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